Hekate Astrology
Type:  Inspirational tool

Platforms: iOS, Windows, OSX

Link: AppStore

Hekate is an inspirational tool created for astrologers and anyone interested in exploring the multiple combinations of planets, signs and houses. Hekate generates key sentences and key expressions based on the current combination of planet in sign, planet in house and house in sign. The default content provides thousands of potential combinations.

Type:  Music tool

Platforms: iOS
Links: AppStore

PitchWizard is an interactive application designed to develop relative pitch and music reading skills from the stave using relative solfa (do re mi etc in any key) and/or letter names in the treble, alto, tenor and bass clefs in all keys.

PitchWizard is simple enough to be used by both teachers and students and develops the knowledge and recognition of pitches played consecutively as well as simultaneously in the form of intervals and chords. The option to alter notes with sharps/flats also allows the user to create different scales and modes. The mute button allows the user to develop their inner hearing.